About Chewma




For years, I struggled to find an on-the-go snack that would keep me satisfied between meals.  Most of the options at the store were loaded with sugar and carbohydrates or contained unwanted ingredients that didn’t taste good. And for health reasons, I’d made the decision to go gluten-free. That narrowed my choices even further.  So I started experimenting in my home kitchen on nights on weekends.  And Chewma Protein Bites were born! 

My friends and family couldn't get enough of the food I was baking so I decided to leave my full time job in tech sales and marketing and launch a snack business. Thankfully I was able to move the production to a kitchen incubator on Long Island. 

I knew I needed help and wanted to give back to the community by providing employment opportunities to neurodiverse adults. I found some amazing bakers to join the Chew Crew.  We are now hand-baking enough of my artisan snack bites to offer them to you. 

I hope you enjoy them as much as my family and I do. 


Founder & CEO