The Crunch Factor


Why are crunchy foods so satisfying?  There’s actually an explanation. Texture plays an important role not only in our enjoyment of foods but in how much food we eat. According to an article from MedicalNewsToday, “the more conscious a person is of the sound their food makes while they are eating, the less they are likely to eat.”  

Chewing crunchy foods also gives our brain information about what we are eating and can help with enjoyment of our foods. The "right crunch" signals freshness of our food, particularly for fresh fruits and veggies. Optimal freshness means more vitamins and nutrients for our bodies.  A research study from a  article indicates that the sound of crunchy foods could be taking us all the way back our ancestors who ate insects, when the crunch of a hard-bodied cricket symbolized nourishment. The sound of noisy foods turns our attention to what we are eating and makes us focus on what’s in the mouth.

Studies  show that it takes longer for people to consume crunchy foods (think how fast you slurped down that smoothie) and that gives our brains more time to register feelings of eating and fullness. This is a part of being a more mindful eater - a term that’s gained popularity with nutritionists and the weight-loss community. In fact, people who eat with loud music or television tend to eat more than those who can hear their food. Turning down the Netflix volume now and crunching loudly!