Road Trip Musts

Even though gas prices are sky-high, we are still hitting the road this summer because who doesn’t love a good road trip. Whether you are going away for days or simply driving to a nearby park or beach, there are a few essentials you need to bring for any successful trip. Here are my top ten:

  1. Extra phone chargers - so no one has to fight about who has a less battery remaining. 
  2. A gallon jug of water - trust me, this will come in handy whether you need a drink or want to rinse off those sandy feet.
  3. Extra plastic bag or bin for car trash - you don’t want to find that banana peel in the seat back pocket three months from now.
  4. Sunscreen - love your skin at any age.
  5. Towel or fleece blanket - keeps you warm in an air-conditioned restaurant and great for impromptu picnics.
  6. Umbrella or plastic poncho - because rain happens. 
  7. Lip balm with SPF - see #4.
  8. Reusable shopping bags - great for those road trip purchases and to keep things organized in the back of the car. 
  9. A change of clothing in a plastic bag - even for day trips, you never know when a spill will happen and you’ll need a bag for those clothes. 
  10. Delicious snacks - look for snacks with protein that will keep you going until the next meal or rest stop. 
Happy Road Trippin'