Moon Face (AKA Gluten Face)

What the heck is Moon Face? That’s what I asked when my endocrinologist told me she took one look at my face and knew I had a gluten sensitivity. I initially visited this doctor because she specialized in women’s weight management. I’d been doing a weight loss program and hadn’t lost a pound. In fact, I felt terrible. I was sluggish, exhausted in the afternoons (even though I’d gotten a good night’s sleep), and felt really bloated. After examining me and reviewing my bloodwork, the doctor asked me what I typically ate for lunch. I told her my go-to was a sandwich or a bowl of noodle soup - typically ramen. She nodded and said that the gluten in noodles and bread was not my friend and was causing all kinds of symptoms in my body - most notably, the exhaustion and the puffy face.  

I wanted to better understand the impact gluten was having on my body so I started doing some digging. I don’t have other food allergies and always associated severe food allergies with anaphylaxis (rash, swelling of the throat, inability to breath, vomiting). According to an article in Women’s Health, gluten (the protein found in grains including wheat, barley and rye) can cause leaky gut leading to inflammation in your body and a swollen or puffy appearance to your face. Ewww. It could also cause the other symptoms I was having and more. I decided it was time to cut the gluten from my diet. Now, I have way more energy throughout the day and can no longer blame my chubby cheeks on the gluten.  

#snackbetter #glutenfree