Holiday De-stress

The holidays are stressful. We are supposed to feel joyous, happy, celebratory, festive but that’s not always the reality. Many feel lonely, sad, or anxious this time of year.  There’s the pressure of holiday parties, family gatherings, finding perfect (and affordable) gifts, choosing the right outfit, and even preparing a gourmet meal. That’s a lot.  And social media does not help the situation. Seeing friends out celebrating and that perfectly decorated room can add to the feelings of stress. So what can we do to combat the challenges the holidays bring? This article from the Washington Post gives a few tips to help manage expectations and get more enjoyment out of the season.  My favorite is to give yourself permission to reimagine the holidays and not worry so much about sticking to every tradition. Another way to feel good is to eat some healthy foods to balance out the holiday goodies.  Balance is everything. Your body and your mind will thank you. Holiday your way!