Are You Sweet or Salty?

Photo 56747625 / Salt © Saletomic |
Photo 56747625 / Salt © Saletomic |

What does your taste preference say about you?  Do you choose the eggs and bacon or the pancakes for breakfast?  Is your go-to snack a bag of chocolate chip cookies or pretzels and potato chips?  I’m a savory girl and have always wondered why people gravitate toward one snack type or another.  According to the scientists in this article, you are genetically predisposed to prefer sugary or salty food.  In other words, you were born with that “sweet tooth”.  Genes determine your taste sensitivity and the taste buds you have. 

Hmm. Interesting. So why do I prefer salty snacks? Three main factors are driving my preference. 

  1. What my mom ate during pregnancy can impact my preference for sweet or salty foods as an adult. Thanks mom!
  2. The taste receptors on my tongue. A low sensitivity to sweetness, which may be linked to fewer taste buds, creates the craving for sugar.  “Supertasters” like me need less sugar to be satisfied and gravitate to saltier foods. 
  3. The environment of course! Low levels of sodium can cause you to crave salty foods. Salt also masks bitterness so supertasters, who may be more sensitive to less pleasant flavors, will prefer savory foods. And finally, your exposure to different foods that are associated with positive experiences. It’s definitely all the NYC pizza!!

So the next time you reach for that snack, consider what your body is telling you.  #savorylife #snacksmarter